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HP drops 275 webOS employees it “no longer needs”

1 Mar

It is not an usual day for HP employees. The corporation has made a announcement of laying off 275 employees form its webOS department, says The Verge.

The news follows webOS head John Rubinstein’s recent departure.

HP released a statement on Feb 28, saying that it is letting go of most of its webOS team because the employees are no longer needed for webOS projects:

As webOS continues the transition from making mobile devices to open source software, it no longer needs many of the engineering and other related positions that it required before. This creates a smaller and more nimble team that is well-equipped to deliver an open source webOS and sustain HP’s commitment to the software over the long term.

HP is working to redeploy employees affected by these changes to other roles at the company.

The number of engineers came from Palm and the number of members HP hired to work on webOS is obscure. Anyway it is an unfortunate number of people who lost their jobs. As unfortunate as it is, the move doesn’t really come as a surprise. HP ended up killing off webOS hardware because it wasn’t selling enough devices. And last September, All Things D reported that HP cut 500 employees from its webOS division.

In December, Meg Whitman, The Chief Executive Officer of HP, reported that webOS was going to become open sourced and that the OS  would live on HP tablets again, but laying off 275 employees doesn’t inspire confidence in that plan.

HP thought it was on to something with the Touchpad and thought bigger, better devices were to come. Hopes were high last year before the Touchpad launch that the new HP tablet would blow Apple’s forthcoming iPad 2 out of the water. But the iPad already had a loyal following and proved too tough a tablet to beat.

HP has made no other comment about the layoffs.

Source: venturebeat


HP’s Failed webOS Experiment Cost Them $3.3 Billion, But What’s Next?

24 Nov

It is well-known that HP’s stake on webOS was an expensive one, but the company’s Q4 and full-year financials gives a feel for just how dearly the webOS experiment cost them. This past year, the company lost a staggering $3.3 billion thanks to their most recent foray into the mobile space.

HP’s financial results exposes that the TouchPad fire sale has yielded profit for HP of  $200 million in revenue, yet the tablets were sold below cost. It surly focuses on the company’s purpose on using their remaining TouchPads to drive sales across their other product lines. It is perhaps a fitting end for the TouchPads – the HP tablet that did not sell was used to support a division of HP’s business they nearly sold. It was unlikely that webOS would have ever become a major player int he market, But it still embodied a few concepts that deserve to live on. It rely upon the decision of HP what the next step is.

Greg mentioned a few months ago, webOS isn’t completely dead yet — rather it is stuck in OS limbo while HP decides what to do with it. Earlier reports informed that HP would sell off webOS to whomever wanted it, but the newly appointed CEO Meg Whitman said it was significant to make “the right decision, not the fast decision”, and held off on the sale. Now people can understand how much webOS cost HP.

So, with the year’s numbers on the books, HP has a decision to make: should they go ahead and sell webOS? Or should they take the “expensive bet” and give webOS another go? Or should they pursue some other unseen option? Meg Whitman said that answers would come within the span of a few weeks, and that time is running out. Lots of expectations upon Meg’s decision on what is going to be.

Source: techcrunch

Report: HP To Kill webOS in November

1 Nov

On October 4, unsuccessful California Gubernatorial Canditate and newly appointed Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman told that she would ‘decide the fate’ of the corporation’s PC division before the end of this month. Meanwhile, at that time, HP’s actual plan to sell the section had already been scaled back to a spin-off and as October comes close, it seems that HP purposes to spare PC division after all. Yet the department is not out of trouble; not all is well for the department which is already wear out, the Guardian said on Friday that even though HP will no longer cast out PC, they’re going to kill webOS.

WebOS was got in 2010, when HP bought Palm for 1.2 billion. WebOS is the operating system that functions behind the TouchPad tablet. TouchPad’s notorious failure was a factor in HP’s flirtation with tossing away their PC division, and it was unlikely to survive regardless of that decision. Some efforts were taken to lure the interested buyers- Amazon was gossiped to have been courted – failed, all but sealing webOS’ fate. One of the HP employees reported the Guardian earlier that  “There’s a 95% chance we all get laid off between now and November”. Still, the killing of webOS  has resulted in the loss of up to 500 jobs and the alarming prospect of seeking work in a tech industry battered by the worst recession since 1930s.

Source: tomshardware