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Google+ gets instant iPhone photo uploads, no more manual uploading like a chump

1 Mar

In a constant pace, the Google+ iPhone app is catching up to its more well-equipped Android sibling. Last month Google released a new version of the iPhone app that can instantly upload your photos and videos, something the Android app has had since it launched last year.

Google also reported some minor cosmetic changes to its Circles interface on the web, which will make it easier to add and organize your friends on the social network.

The instant uploading feature makes its process without great problems. After the installation of the new Google+ app, the user will be prompted to enable the feature, after which all the photos taken will be uploaded to a private Google+ folder. It is a drawback that the auto uploading does not work in the background. So the user has to open the app once in a while to keep the media synced. (Notably, Apple’s own photostream feature can backup your photos to iCloud in the background).

The feature is something iPhone Google+ users have hankering for and its addition could lead to more users relying on Google+ as their photo sharing platform of choice. Google has also added a “What’s Hot” stream to the app to let you easily find trending posts.

The web Circles interface now has a left-hand menu to let you explore your Circles, create new Circles, and search for friends. The app also includes direct access to your address books from Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail.

Source: venturebeat



Android leads iOS in mobile app downloads

25 Oct

Taken all mobile application downloads into consideration(in the third quarter of 2011), 44 percent were Android apps. So, the market share of Android leads over iOS which was 31 percent, according to the report form ABI Research.

The research firm ascribed the large shipment of phones running Google’s Android operating system as the factor for the high market share. According to Google, the total number of Android devices activated globally has now attained 190 million which is an estimated 600,000 per day.

The development in iPhone shipments dropped down for the second straight quarter, from 15 percent in the first quarter of 2011 to 9 percent in the second. At the same time Android’s shipment growth increased from 20 percent in the first quarter to 36 percent in the second quarter. It is also most significantly noticeable that the research firm’s data is that Android’s installed base i.e the number of phones implementing Android, is 2.4 to 1 over devices running iOS. The firm also said that the ratio will reach a stunning 3:1 by 2016.

Number of downloads does not mean that Android is beating Apple. According to ABI, Apple is leading in the number of downloads per person. People download two iOS apps for every one Android app. Apple’s strategy toward monetizing applications is more appealing to innovative developers, as more users on iOS are willing to pay for applications.

Finally, ABI reports that the total number of mobile app downloads ever will touch 29 billion by the end of 2011. Comparatively, people have downloaded nine billion apps worldwide in 2010.

Source: venturebeat