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Canon launches compact & versatile desktop scanner

21 Oct

Canon, world leader in imaging solutions, announces the launch of the image FORMULA DR-M140 document scanner. This is well-designed compact and versatile desktop scanner that suits well for productive document processing in busy offices and in other work groups.

The DR-M140 presents a compact shape with a U-turn design. It measures less than 10cm in height, is small enough to fit into an office drawer for convenient storage and operation.

The paper handling system of image FORUMULA DR-M140 is reliable and same as canon’s This strong feeding mechanism confirms the smooth and reliable process of mixed documents.  The selectable paper path states that it can handle various types of documents. It can handle A3 documents in folio mode and documents that are up to 3m in length, for example receipt rolls. The scanner can deal with thick documents such as ID cards, credit cards or any embossed cards.

The scanner is build with intelligent design and with innovative, technological advancements to support customers’ need for high speed, accurate and reliable scanning.

FORMULA DR-M140 is powerful enough to process up to 6,000 scanned documents. Ultrasonic-double-feed-detection finds out mis-feeds at the time of batch scanning. Double Feed Release(DFR) feature helps to ignore double feeds and continue scanning.

The DR-M140 maintains productivity levels – scanning up to 40ppm/80ipm in colour – even when scanning at higher resolutions of 300 dpi. This improves accuracy in document data recognition and OCR applications enabling businesses to extract customer reference numbers and details for faster processing. High quality image processing features include auto colour detection, text orientation, auto page size detection and skip blank pages that can improve productivity and maintain a high level of accuracy. The new desktop scanner also includes a professional bundled software suite with direct connectivity to SharePoint.

The imageFORMULA DR-M140 will be available in UK and Ireland from early November 2011 at  £879 / €995 incl. VAT.

Source: hexus