You Can Now Buy This Tiny Computer for $35

29 Feb

Last year, we have experienced a lot to get excited about over the tiny computer, the Raspberry Pi.  It can stream video via Airplay, can run Quake III. Inspite of these  features the device costs just $35. Fortunate enough, now you can buy it.

The Model B Raspberry Pi is just now finishing its production in China. People can pre-order it now. It runs on an ARM11 processor, 256MB of RAM, 2 USB ports, a LAN port, an SD card slot, audio-out and HDMI-out. It’s capable of running an Ubuntu install or a version of Xbox Media Center, but nothing comes pre-installed so one will be spending some time at a command line.

But the rattling bit is: it costs $35. Thirty. Five. Freakin’. Dollars. This device is unbelievably cheap, and a great way to get you—or your kids—into coding. In fact, the beauty of the Raspberry Pi business model is that all the profits will be pushed into a charity set up to encourage kids to get into coding, an initiative which will itself use these tiny computers.

You can buy Raspberry Pi online from Premier Farnell or RS Components. [Raspberry Pi]

Source: gizmodo

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