Dell picks up server share as IBM is No. 1, says Gartner

29 Feb

Global server revenue was up 7.9 percent for 2011, but the fourth quarter ended with a knock down as sales fell 5.4 percent, said Gartner.

IBM is the topper in the server market share race as HP lost ground, according to Gartner data. At the same Dell was able to make  raise in its market share for the fourth quarter.

Gartner said that the shortfall of hard disk drives due to flooding in Thailand hampered server units. Most regions showed growth in the fourth quarter except for Western Europe.

As for the standings, Dell was the only vendor to show fourth quarter revenue growth in servers. One constant in the fourth quarter was that server vendors were focused on poaching from each other. IBM has repeatedly touted its competitive wins against HP and Oracle.

Among the specific data points:

  • Lenovo and Dell were the only vendors to grow shipments in the fourth quarter.
  • HP led in unit shipments in the fourth quarter.
  • IBM is No. 3 in unit shipments, but No. 1 in revenue.
  • For 2011, blade server revenue was up 14.5 percent with shipments up 4.2 percent. HP led in blade servers with 44 percent of shipments. IBM was No. 2 with 21 percent. Cisco had 8 percent shipment share and closed in on Dell at 9.3 percent.

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