Yummy Apple rumors: iPad 3 gets thicker, iPhone 5 due for fall

27 Feb

Celebrated things are always surrounded by rumors. Well, here is a bunch of Apple rumors. It looks like the iPad 3 may be getting a bit of junk in the trunk, while the iPhone 5 could be another fall release for Apple.

The Chinese tech blog M.I.C. Gadget received an early production version of the iPad 3′s rear case from “reliable sources”. This shows that the new tablet will have comparatively more tapered edges than the iPad2. It is guessed that it will be around 1-1.5mm thicker.

The firm is in a forced situation to increase the iPad3’s thickness so that it can be fitted in some new hardware, for example, like the higher resolution Retina Display (which was semi-confirmed by counting pixels on an early production display), improved camera, and possible inclusion of LTE 4G technology. The iPad 3 is rumored to sport a new quad-core A6 processor from Apple, though a recent posting on a Chinese forum says otherwise, thanks to a picture of a purported iPad 3 logic board with an “A5X” chip. The naming conventions of Apple brings us to the judgment that i may be likely a faster version of the dual-core A5 on the iPad2.

The most latest rumors says that the iPad 3 is expected to launch on March 7.

As for the iPhone 5, it seems that Apple may be settling on fall as its new season for iPhone releases, according to the Japanese tech blog Macotakara. The site, which has been accurate in the past about Apple rumors, also cites “reliable sources” for its information. It would not be a much surprise if the iPhone 5 does land during the fall, because it wouldn’t make much sense for Apple to cut into the iPhone 4S’ life cycle. People are still hot for the iPhone 4S, and Apple will want to milk that demand for all it’s worth.

Source: venturebeat

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