Let’s make Google Docs suck less

24 Nov

If you prefer to work in a “paperless” office, then it states that you’re probably a Google Docs user. If you are a remote worker and you need to collaborate with colleagues or customers via the web. If you are the user of Google’s cloud-based take of Microsoft Office, like many of use, you probably like and hate it at the same time.

You have probably had the service randomly go offline at a really inconvenient time, seen general laziness or noticed the clunky and not very smart interface. A short unscientific internal poll brought these seven issues out:

  1. Mishandles formatting when importing documents or data
  2. Complex spreadsheets load very slowly
  3. Google’s navigation bar, title and menu bar in Spreadsheets overwhelm the viewing pane, taking up a third of the page in some browsers
  4. No offline editing
  5. Doesn’t handle Powerpoint imports well
  6. Underpowered features in Spreadsheets: formulas, functions woefully limited compared to Excel
  7. Unreliable sharing feature

Google is a company for advertising and search company at heart. So the company may not innately know how to build productivity software and online collaboration tools. But the convenience and integration into other widely used Google products is unavoidable — so it’s not a service that’s going away any time soon.

Source: gigaom

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