Facebook just a healthier smoke break, says iPass

24 Nov

Its surprising to watch how ubiquitous have smartphones become among mobile workers. The latest quarterly Mobile Workforce Report from iPass says that 95 percent of mobile workers do have one smartphone at least.

This will not surprise much to plugged-in professionals who have taken a look around at their colleagues lately (though the finding that, for the first time, iPhones have unseated BlackBerry devices  as the top choice for respondents may come as happy news to Apple fans), yet it is unknown that on which impact is this near-universal adoption of smartphones having on knowledge workers’ lives?

In one sense, the impact is grim. The survey of 2,300 mobile employees worldwide has found that most of the mobile workers cease exercising and sleep in favor of a constant connection to work.

  • One in three respondents told iPass they sleep less due to work, with one in four mobile workers reporting less than six hours of shut eye a night.
  • More than half exercise erratically or not all, and 60 percent of the loafers blamed work for their sedentary lifestyle.

Most people have an emotional dependent upon their gadgets;  59 percent of plugged in workers have reported that they will feel alienated, lonely and even insane without their smartphones. But one thing smartphones aren’t guilty of, surprisingly, is being a major time suck.

Users waste only about as much time checking emailing and Facebook and handling technical hiccups than they used to spend on cigarette breaks when that was the most common office addiction: a measly 28 minutes a day.

So in the one column, we’re filling our lungs with fewer toxic chemicals and getting massive amounts of stuff done. But in the other, the new way of working means little sleep and next to no exercise.

Source: gigaom

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