New Services from Xerox and BNY Mellon Improve Customer Communications; Let Investors Choose How, When and Where They Get Information

18 Nov

To introduce new ways for BNY Mellon’s Asset Servicing clients to reach customers, the former has joined hands with Xerox Corporation.  Observing the fact that the fund companies look for simple, customized communications to retain and grow their business with investors, Xerox’s leading document technologies and Communication and Marketing Services will let BNY Mellon to better serve the 250 mutual fund, asset manager and other financial industry clients within its U.S. Funds Services business.

Those clients will now be capable of offering their investors greater choice and flexibility regarding to receive financial information and communicating with their investment funds and asset managers. Also that, through Xerox’s secure multi-channel communications approach, an investor will have the ability to choose to receive financial updates and account information through text message and access statements via mobile app or personal digital mailbox.

Michael DeNofrio, managing director, U.S. Investor Services, BNY Mellon Asset Servicing says,

Xerox’s ongoing investment in document technology means our mutual fund and asset management clients can deliver more effective communications through their customers’ preferred channels. This allows both BNY Mellon and our clients to be more nimble in meeting investor needs in today’s world of electronic information delivery.

BNY Mellon will utilize Xerox’s expertise to improve its traditional print and mail operations, making it easier for BNY Mellon’s clients to print and distribute critical customer communications.

Mike Zimmer, President, Xerox Global Document Outsourcing, North America said that some clients like BNY Mellon are much understanding the customers’ individual needs from day one, and they have the ability to replace or improve those communication channels throughout the relationship. As part of the BNY Mellon Alliance Program, this relationship will also investigate the opportunities for Xerox customers to access treasury, trust, custody and capital markets solutions from BNY Mellon.

Source: marketwatch

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