IBM charts rise of web sales through mobile devices

8 Nov

More researches has spotlighted on the importance of using ZIP Code validation software, for internet sellers, to optimize a website for a mobile use.

A observation  by IBM reports that of all the US citizens who log on to a retailer’s website in the holiday seasons, 15 percent will be doing the browse through a mobile device. In October, 11 percent of shoppers have used mobile devices to browse a retail website- a 6.8 percent rise since October 2010. This was converted to sales, with mobile devices now accounting for 9.6 percent of online retail transactions. The entry of Smartphones and Tablets has made to push the internet retail market forward with a increase of 15 percent in traffic expected this month, when compared to November 2010.

John Donahoe, Presiden and Chief Executive Officer, recently claimed that the persisting usage of smart mobile phones has begun to “blur the lines” between m-commerce and e-commerce. He also cited that it is important for the web sellers to look up them in the same manner.

Source: qas

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