HP unveils Slate 2 Tablet PC

7 Nov

Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) Thursday introduced its Slate 2 Tablet PC. It is  a business-targeted tablet computer running based on Windows operating system.

It resembles the previous version, Slate 2, offering a 8.9 inch screen. It is enhanced with Intel Atom Z670 processor to deliver faster boot times and improved battery life of up to six hours, said HP. Xinhua reported that it also possess a Blue-tooth keyboard dock and Swype keyboard. This keyboard lets the users to enter words by sliding a finger or stylus form letter to letter, lifting only between words.

HP stated that this device will be available to customers globally for $699, later this month. Slate 2’s previous generation running Windows, Slate 500 was launched last October and it was sold exclusively for businesses for $ 800. HP said in a statement that Slate 2 tablet offers an instant readiness for business and vertical markets such as education, health-care, government and retail, where jobs frequently take users away from a traditional desk.

On Thursday, HP announced HP 3115m, a new notebook PC targeting business, education and government customers. HP 3115m will be available only in the Americas from next Friday. The starting price is to tagged with $429.

Source: articles.economictimes.indiatimes

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