Chrome Now at 25% Market Share, IE Down to 40%

5 Nov

Chrome’s October market share result has met the 25 percent milestone in what appears to be an increasing speed of growth.

According to StatCounter, Chrome finished October with 24.99 percent share and Firefox leads chrome with 26.39 percent and IE with 40.19 percent. During the month, IE lost 1.47 points, Firefox lost 0.4 points and Chrome gained 1.38 points. Apple’s Safari was able to collect 0.33 points to 5.93 percent share.

Some people guessed that Chrome’s growth will fall splat at a level. Making the judgments incorrect, Chrome is increasing its market share. The browser has scored  average of 10.1 points of market share in this year. Chrome has posted the strongest 6-month gain in its short history. If Chrome prolongs with this pace,  there is chance for it to transcend Firefox’s market share on an average basis in this month and will able to outrank IE by mid-2012. Regarding the last week’s market share, Chrome averaged 25.43 percent. Firefox was with 26.03 percent of share, as StatCounter says.

Microsoft considers this development trivial and unstriking, at least not publicly. The corporation only quotes Net Applications data and only IE9 market share on Windows 7.  To Micorosoft Corporation, IE9 now has 22 percent of share on Windows 7 systems globally, just ahead of Chrome and has fallen behind Firefox. Google’s interest in browser share differs much when compared to that of Microsoft’s interest. Microsoft tries to get more share on Windows 7 thereby claiming for the crown, IE9 is ready for a undefeatable launch of the HTML5 application model for Windows 8, Google is purposing the gain of overall market share to support its core revenues that are still designed through its search engine.

Source: tomshardware

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