Patent Filing Reveals Nvidia May Build Tiny Computers

4 Nov

Every patent does not result in actual product. However, if this patent filing has any substance in Nvidia’s plans, then there a good hope that the corporation will soon take its role in larger level, in manufacturing CPU and even in competing with PC vendors.

The “portable computer system” can be say in other words, a small computer that is about the size of a USB memory stick. Nvidia’s filing outlines the idea of packing a Tegra processor, Flash storage, RAM, at least one USB port, and other interface types such as a parallel port, a serial port, IEEE 1394 (Firewire), VGA, HDMI, S-Video, AV, DVI, LAN and WiFi into a package that is just 40-60 mm long, 10-20 mm wide and 5-10 mm thick. This feature set would be comparable to a entry-level computer system with particular limit of storage and cloud connectivity. It is apparent that it would not be a powerful local gaming rig, but it will be enough to bring along on a key chain. Since there is no display, there is need for plugging the device into LCD or TV, to be used as a display. It can be connected into a regular computer to perform simple computing tasks much more efficiently. The device will consume the power of just about 10 watts.

It is no doubt that one may think of arguing the point that much of the potential features are already covered by smartphones, but the factor that makes the difference is that this Nvidia Tegra System could be obtained more cheaper than a smartphone. In volume production, Nvidia could push the bill of materials well below $100, which could make it the most affordable new computer on sale.

Source: tomshardware

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