How Klout Got

31 Oct

While everyone is making up their minds about whether Klout is an utterly meaningless service or the divine “standard for influence”  the earth is outcrying for, here comes an the details of an interesting conversation with  Joe Fernandez, co-founder and CEO of Klout on the day of Founders conference in Dublin, Ireland.

Joe Fernandez storied how he got the domain name, small behind-the-scenes story in a interesting manner. Klout was started in New York City a few years ago. Then Fernandez had first and top choice for a name of Klout. So he enrolled and tried to catch up the owner of, who was in San Francisco.

Klout was in a situation of still trying to get fund and in making money. Fernandez utilized the circumstances and offered Klout $1,000 of his own money for the domain name. But it was in vain that the owner retorted laughing at him, saying that it was worth ‘high five figures’ and he had plans to build something for it.  For the next 18 months, Fernandez troubled the owner incessantly every week trying to convince Klout to sell the domain name. In August 2009, Fernandez decided to shift the company from New York City to San Francisco. Whereas, Klout was able to raise its first round of seed funding: a check from angel investor Nova Spivack, which Fernandez cashed, keeping the cash in his apartment. Much to the dismay of his team and hosting company, he says.

After this, Fernandez followed the owner of on Twitter, waiting for him to reveal his location. At a point, when the owner tweeted that he was at a restaurant in San Francisco, Fernandez went there. He offered an envelope with $5000 in cash and told the owner that he would stop troubling him in case if he finally agrees to sell he domain name in exchange for the money. The owner agreed. Immediately, at the same place Fernandez opened up his laptop and transferred the domain right then and there. Fernandez then tweeted this:

Apart from being creepy in behavior, real entrepreneurs like Fernandez know how to tackle the situations.

Source: techcrunch

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