HP Reconsiders Spinning-Off PC Division, Personal Systems Group Will Remain Part Of The Company

29 Oct

HP created a small tumult when the company announced just prior to Leo Apotheker’s departure that it was considering splitting off its PC division. After two months of internal debating, the Personal Systems Group will stay part of the company and Bill Hewlett and Dave packard can rest in peace.

The information comes from a  just-issued press release where HP’s new chief MG Whitman pointed out that it’s best for customers, partners, shareholders and employees and so everyone to keep the PSG within HP.  She also added that HP is committed to PSG and together they are stronger.

The declaration came in August as a heavy blow. As said in press, HP is the number one manufacturer of personal computers in the world at present and gained $40.7 billion in revenues last year. HP has always been a hardware company first and the idea upon review of then- CEO Leo Apotheker was that HP was headed down a route to services and enterprise. Few short weeks after the announcement, which also killed off web OS hardware development, HP’s board supplanted Apotheker who was replaced by Meg Whitman.

At present, the Personal Systems Group remains a part of HP, the board of directors feels that it can “drive profitable growth” and suppport other parts of HP’s business. Personal Systems Group’s should start feeling the same emotional intact as before as HP has said that PSG is part of HP’s strategy to consumers and enterprise customers alike.

Source: techcrunch

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