Google Maybe-Possibly Interested in Helping Someone Buy Yahoo

29 Oct

The ever-expanding Google corporation seems to be very much careless  in people evaluating them as creepy, evil monopolizer. The Wall Street Journal reports that the company has discussed about helping them buy Yahoo, to at least two private equity firms. It is taken into consideration that Yahoo is one of the major competitors of Google Corporation.

But serious offers have been provided. Google might decide that joining in deals like this unnecessarily interferes with its other business ventures. Reuters reports that but if this act goes prolong, any potential deal between the two biggest Internet companies would likely arouse antitrust observation.

It is supposed that Google is not eagerly interested in buying and taking over Yahoo outright yet interested in fronting the cash monies so somebody else can. BusinessWeek emphasize the idea of helping to keep one’s competitors keeps competition alive. In that case, why would Google do that, while Yahoo is its competitor? Also regulators might stop Google from continuing such deals, leaving the door wide open to other parties who have expressed their wish to buy Yahoo like the Chinese company Alibaba and Microsoft.

Source: gawker

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