Dell Challenges MacBook Pro With UltraThin Laptop

27 Oct

Dell launched its new, chief high-end line of business or consumer hybrid laptop, which is glossy and slippery, sub-one inch thick entry. Dell is giving out this product as a rival to Apple’s sleek MacBook Pro line of portables. It is Dell XPS 14z.

The laptop folds plenty of power in a light, stylish package. It contains a second generation Intel Core i5 processor of optional Core i7 Dual Core. It can manage up to 8 GB of DDR3 memory at 1,333 MHz, and it is compatible with external graphics cards. The default OS is Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium edition.

Dell hopes that the business users and consumers who go for tech’s leading products will find XPS 14z aesthetically appealing as any MacBook and as powerful as the heavier, shoulder-dislocating systems from Lenovo or HP.

“The XPS 14z delivers what professionals want–raw power paired with a stunning, sophisticated design that signals ‘I’ve arrived,'” said Steve Felice, president of Dell’s Consumer and Small/Medium Business group, in a statement. He also added that this laptop is mainly designed to support our customers do more in their personal and professional lives. He believes that it advances their industry-leading vision for thin-and-powerful solutions that deliver performance without compromise.

The XPS 14z succeeds in the seemingly impomssible feat of presenting a 14-inch screen in a 13-inch frame with the help of convex shape and edge-to-edge, borderless display. The most attracting specs are a maximum storage capacity of 750 GB, a 1.3-MP Webcam, and a backlit, spill-resistant keyboard. Dell rates battery life at up to six hours, 42 minutes.

The price depends upon the choice of processor and other options, begins at $999 and likely ranging up to $1,500. Like MacBook Pro machines, XPS 14z checks in at less than one inch thick. Yet, this does not possess as much horsepower as Apple’s offering–the MacBook Pro line uses Intel’s quad-core line of chips while Dell maxes out with the dual-core version–the XPS 14z’s $999 starter price handily beats the $1,199 sticker on the new 13-inch MacBook Pro and, even more so, the $1,799 tag on the 15-inch version.

Dell lacks Apple authentic features in the high-end of the market. It will be available form Nov. 1.

Source: informationweek

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