Linux 3.1 With Wii Controller Support Published

25 Oct

Linux Torvalds released Linux kernel 3.1 on Monday with large number of improvements and has added more features to it.

This version’s development demanded an additional four weeks as a result of a server security breach at

Linux 3.1 includes support for the open source OpenRISC CPU architecture, near-field communication (NFC), dynamic writeback throttling, a new iSCSI implementation which is as well as the Nintendo’s Wii controller. The feature description of the new Linux version cites that the combination of OpenRISC support is made to encourage open source computing platforms as described by OpenCores.

The integration of NFC must keep up Linux as an OS option for smartphones through the support of wireless data transactions like making payments, getting back information through NFC tags and sharing datum like contacts, photos, songs, applications and videos. SCSI implementation has replaced the old SCST iSCSI feature in Linux. Earlier, SCSI was released as a new versionof an Internet Protocol (IP)-based storage networking standard by RisingTide System back in 2007. Linux 3.1 is the first kernel version to bring the interface together and has resulted in the end of lengthy argument in the Linux community which iSCSI technology should be used.

A stub driver is also provided which enables Linux to work with Nintendo’s Wii remote via the HID protocol over Bluetooth. If the community gives a good response for this feature, then a version of gesture based computing or gaming for Linux devices can be seen.


Source: tomshardware

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