Windows 7 overtakes Windows XP global share

21 Oct

Global Market Statistics says that Windows 7 has replaced Windows XP in worldwide usage shares.

October’s statistics show Windows 7’s global marketshare stands at just over 41 percent, while Windows XP holds a hair’s breadth away from 40 percent. In between Windows XP and Windows 7, Windows Vista which was considered as biggest err in the operating system race, dipped below 11%. Apple’s Mac OS X remained steady, but rising slightly at nearly 7 percent.

Windows XP was launched in 2001 and over ten years the OS remains steady and popular. At its launch, volume license keys were acquired by hackers only after a week of its launch. That was prolonged with widespread illegal piracy of newly released operating system in emerging markets, particularly. Microsoft took a wise decision and scaled down its launch party in the wake of the September 11th attacks, further hindering the highly anticipated campaign of the company.

This year, however just before touching its tenth anniversary, the Operating System dipped below the global 50 percent marketshare mark, paving way for new Operating Systems.

The next generation OS is to be named officially, but temporarily called as Windows 8. Windows 8 strongly focuses on the upcoming post-PC world of tablet and slate computing. Windows 8, while featuring the traditional desktop, masks it behind a wall of the Start screen; a Metro user-interface inspired full-screen view of applications and dynamically updating tiles, for which users can customise and personalise.

Windows 8 has already created a disagreement by displacing desktop behind Metro, and lacks direction for the traditional PC market. Though Windows 8 is designed for tablets, it also works well with PC. It is clear that Windows 7 will be difficult to shift and expected to possess a high market share in forthcoming years.

Source: zdnet

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