HP Unveils Consulting Services to Advance Information Sharing, Enhance Productivity

21 Oct

HP has introduced consulting services on September 29, 2011 that help increase client investments in collaboration platforms, such as Microsoft® SharePoint 2010, for greater productivity and information sharing across an enterprise.

Today employees expect popular, easy to use, social and mobile tools for one-stop access to information and expertise across their personal and work environments. HP services furnish enterprises for collaboration in an  Instant-On world. Thereby  they create a lively and an interactive work environment. Employees can use these applications and information easily at any time and any where.

HP Collaboration Consulting Services modernize and extend an existing collaboration infrastructure by streamlining resources, improving governance and reducing infrastructure sprawl. Organization’s employees can receive and contribute information, in forming interactive groups that enhance efficiency and improve productivity.

“In order to help our customers improve collaboration and information sharing across their organizations, Swisscom decided to launch a managed service for hosted communications and collaboration for large corporations, “ said Michael Kerle, head of go-to-market, Corporate Business, Swisscom.

HP Collaboration Consulting Services enable clients to use Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and other tools to help:

  1. Enhance productivity with transformation services that provide strategy, assessment, roadmap and design services. This brings the environment where employees can work faster and efficiently and make shared datums and readily available resources.
  2. Streamline collaboration with planning, design and implementation services that allow clients to gain control of their SharePoint platform and reduce information sprawl. HP helps clients to standardize and move data from legacy systems, such as Lotus Notes and Novell GroupWise, and consolidate resources.
  3. Improve their SharePoint environment with governance assurance and to have  services that fix guidelines for proper use of SharePoint. Clients can also transparently capture, manage and secure SharePoint 2010 content in the HP TRIM enterprise records management solution which manages all other enterprise content to meet compliance obligations and reduce risk.
  4. Improve knowledge sharing by working with HP to classify, store and locate documents, to create organized structure that increases information usability.
  5. Use social networking to create groups and collaboration among equals, employees and partners with HP Social Collaboration Consulting Services. Clients also can attract a current generation of employees who are accustomed to work with social channels.

HP Collaboration makes information personal, related and usable. It connects employees to colleagues fast and thereby it encourages the qualifying of business decisions. HP Collaboration Consulting Services is build on the HP Virtual Workplace offerings. HP Virtual Workplace Offerings enhance a global workforce’s ability to connect, communicate and collaborate to create a competitive advantage. This is a world of continuous connectivity. The Instant-On Enterprise works completely upon technology. HP Collaboration Consulting Services help businesses and governments in their engagements of an Instant-On Enterprise.

HP’s premier client event, HP DISCOVER, takes place Nov. 29 – Dec. 1 in Vienna, Austria. The event is on how organizations can get started on their Instant-On Enterprise journeys.

HP Collaboration Consulting Services are carried out globally through HP Technology Consulting. So the pricing differs according to the location and usage.

Source: hp

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