Dell joins the all-in-one PC party with new Inspiron desktop

21 Oct

Dell by launching its Inspiron One 2320 desktop computer today, joins the all-in-one PC parade. As a mark of learning one or two from smartphones and tablets, the invasion of touchscreen computer continues. This computer is designed strait-laced without frills that suits well for business works and at homes. The cool details may grab consumers who wish for little sizzle.

The intellectual design was created with Stage (an easy-to-use touchscreen interface that makes it easier to access photos, music, videos, web sites, documents and apps) as its role-model. In this market, the competitor of Dell is Hewlett-Packard, which recently launched a bevy of all-in-one computers. Dell has made a respectable product to face HP. It balances on a kind of tripod that supports a 23-inch high-definition 1080p display. It is provided with High-Definition web cam and Intel processors (from Pentium dual core to Intel Core i7).

It is fairly slim measuring 2.67 inches. The wireless keyboard fits under the display lessening the space. The machine has plenty of ports and an 8:1 card reader. The machine will sell starting today for $949.99 with an Intel Core i5 processor and multitouch display.

This is the kind of design that computer makers have to present with if they want to keep up with design leaders such as Apple.

Source: venturebeat

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