Samsung rated first in US Mobile Market Share

20 Oct

Samsung tops first as the biggest handset manufacturer in US based Mobile Market Share, reveals a new report from ComScore.

According to the research concern, Samsung occupies a 25.3 percentage of market share in US mobile industry for the months of June to August representing increase in a small half of a percentage compared to its share in the three month period prior to the study.

Samsung is followed by LG with 21 percent and Motorola with 14 percent. Apple, to which Samsung has now become a great challenge, the latter is currently locked in a raging legal battle worldwide concerning smartphones and tablets, got 9.8 percent market share while Canadian company Research In Motion got 7.1 percent market share.

ComScore also revealed in its MobiLens study that Android continued to increase its market share in the smartphone niche with a 43.7 percent market share, an increase of 5.6 percent.

Apple’s iOS took the second spot with a market share of 21.3 percent, BlackBerry with 19.7 percent, Windows Phone with 5.7 percent and Symbian with 1.8 percent trailing behind.

Source: socialbarrel

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